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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness at Taylor Family Wellness Chiropractic

Corporate Wellness Programs are becoming more popular as companies are realizing the impact that health and wellness can have in their workplace:

  • Healthy employees are less stressed and happier at work.  This carries over into their desire to produce quality work and their interactions with customers, resulting in higher levels of customer service.
  • Healthy employees have better attitudes about themselves and their work impacting employee retention rates.
  • Healthy employees have more energy and are more productive.
  • Healthy employees are less likely to get sick. Reducing absenteeism and health care expenditures positively impacts the bottom-line.
  • Employees notice when an employer shows concern for their health and wellbeing and shares this in their interactions with others in the community.
  • Healthy employees equal a healthy bottom-line.

Yet, as budgets tighten and resources become strained it can be difficult for companies to implement and manage a wellness program.

Here at Taylor Family Wellness Chiropractic, we have designed a program that is both cost-effective and wellness-oriented to help both the employer and employee. Our Corporate Wellness Program is focused on relieving the stress and tension that can be felt working in Corporate America. We understand that competing in today's workplace can be hard and stressful work. By the end of a workday, many employees are exhausted and hurting. This program designed by Dr. Leigh and Lindsay, Licensed Massage Therapist, is designed to help alleviate some of the stress felt at work while also evaluating any other potential health problems.

Our "Public Service for Public Relations" program offers complimentary chair massages and spinal health evaluations to all employees that sign up for our corporate wellness program. We want to build an exceptional reputation in our community by providing an exceptional service to local businesses.  In order to sign up for this program, just call Amber or Lindsay, Office Managers, at (937) 233-4055 and have them schedule an afternoon of relaxation for you and your staff. They will answer any additional questions that you might have about this program.

These additional programs can also be included in your Corporate Wellness Program for a small fee. For more information, please contact Lindsay or Amber, Office Managers, at (937) 233-4055.